No computer players just Clean Poker

As a member of My Card Club you can play with friends and family that are in your group of members, making the game much more enjoyable.

My Card Club makes charitable gaming easy, just register your organization to start raising funds for your charity.

My Card Club eliminates the need to drive in difficult weather and long distances to play cards with family and friends.
Members save time and money by connecting on
My Card Club.
Members have everything needed to play Texas Hold'em provided for them, so the only thing to do is enjoy the game.
Husbands can meet with the rest of the guys without leaving home.
Have your own private poker game or tournament.
Schedule when you want to play at your convenience, if something impotant comes up, no problem, re-schedule for a later time.
The game history tracks how the hands are going, and tells how much you have won.

Clean Poker